Prospective participants are encouraged to propose papers, symposia, or posters in any area of ​​applied bioeconomy research. Economists and other social scientists, biologists, policy makers, companies and students are encouraged to apply. The organizers are interested in proposals from Africa, China, India, the rest of Asia and Europe as well as the Americas. Proposals shall be submitted in any topic related to Bioeconomy.

1. Impacts of bioeconomy and specific industries and technology that make up bioeconomy on the economy, rural development, poverty, and consumers. Technologies of special interest are:
A. Applied molecular genetics: Genetically Modified Organisms, New Breeding Techniques, Genome Editing, Synthetic Biology, Digital Sequence Information, Marker-Assisted Breeding, etc.
B. Biofuels
C. Biorefineries and Biomaterials.
D. Bioinputs (microbial, seeds and other biological inputs for agroindustry). 
E. Plant based milk, meats and feeds.
F. Digital agriculture, precision agriculture.

2. The environment, resources and bioeconomy:
A. Bioeconomy, Carbon economy, Circular economy.
B. Impact of bioeconomy of climate change / extreme weather / biotic and abiotic risks / desertification.
C. Water scarcity.

3. Impact of public research (regional, national, and international) and private research by companies innovation and bioeconomy growth.

4. Policies and regulations to encourage innovation, adoption, poverty reduction:
A. Health and biosafety regulations.
B. Intellectual property rights.
C. Trade of technology and commodities and foreign investment.

5. Curricula: Case studies of academic and training programs on bioeconomy and its components.

In all topics, research may cover, inter alia, case studies as well as more analytical studies of successful and failed bioeconomy research, bioeconomy projects and policies that allow conferences to derive lessons for policymakers and innovators. The indicative list is for the initial classification of abstracts at the time of submission. The final agenda of topics for sessions / minisymposia will be defined based on a convenient grouping of the works submitted.

Submission shall be made indicating a preference for oral and / or poster presentation. Then, the academic committee will select presentations to be delivered as a plenary / symposia oral presentation or as a poster. In addition, symposia can be submitted.

Paper submissions open!

Available grants:

African Scholar Travel Grant Submission
Student and Early Career Professional Travel Grant Submission

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