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Transitions in the bioeconomy value chains are motivated by objectives such as sustainability and circular economies, by shocks such as pandemics and extreme weather and by technological and social innovations.

The 27th Annual Conference of ICABR will explore the state of sustainable transitions in the bioeconomy as a driver of new dynamics in institutional development.

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On July 5 to 8, the 2022 ICABR Conference was held in Bologna. We are grateful for your participation and contributions to the success of the event. For impressions of the conference use this link to watch the video interviews in our media library.

The 25th anniversary conference, was held in a “hybrid” format, featured more than 140 speakers and 200 participants, focusing on the contribution of the bioeconomy to sustainable development, especially in light of the UN Food System Summit.

Read the Press Release: ICABR 2021 Closing Statement here

The virtual ICABR-2020 conference has been completed. You can find a summary of the plenary sessions here.

Additionally, all sessions were broadcasted live (Spanish and English) and the recordings, along with speakers’ presentations. They are available here.

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