June 29 – July 2, 2021 the 25th Annual ICABR Conference will take place; titled:
Role of the Bioeconomy in Generating Resilience and Sustainable Development  
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Past events:

The virtual ICABR-2020 conference has been completed. You can find a summary of the plenary sessions at
Additionally, all sessions were broadcasted live (Spanish and English) and the recordings, along with speakers’ presentations. They are available at:

We co-organised a set of webinars related  to the ICABR 2020 conference.

July 31: Webinar Will COVID-19 accelerate the digital revolution in agriculture and the bioeconomy?
July 24: Webinar Regulation of Biotechnology in Livestock and Plants in Light of COVID-19
July 15: Webinar  Food, Energy and Essential Goods: A New Demand for National Security
July 10: Webinar: COVID-19 and the Bioeconomy
June 12 and June 19: Webinar Bridging Research and Policy Responses to COVID-19