Older Publications


EU Bioeconomy Economics and Policies: Volume I & Volume II
2019- Dries, Heijman, Jongeneel, Purnhagen and Wesseler

International Trade and Policies for Genetically Modified Products
2006 – Evenson and Santaniello

Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified Foods
2004 – Evenson and Santaniello

The Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology
2004 – Evenson and Santaniello

Market Development for Genetically Modified Foods
2002 – Evenson, Santaniello and Zilberma

Economic and Social Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology
2002 – Evenson, Santaniello and Zilberman

Agriculture and Intellectual Property Rights
2000 – Carlson, Evenson, Santaniello and Zilberman

Agricultural Values of Plant Genetic Resources
1998 – Evenson, Gollin and Santaniello