Early Stage Bioeconomy Researcher

The “Early Stage Bioeconomy Researcher” webinar series offers a valuable platform for budding bioeconomists to showcase their research endeavors, 
 providing them with an opportunity to present their work, delve into discussions, and exchange innovative ideas within the burgeoning field of 
 bioeconomics. By fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and intellectual exchange, this series not only empowers early-stage 
 researchers to gain visibility for their contributions but also facilitates a rich exploration of diverse perspectives and methodologies shaping the 
 bioeconomy landscape. Furthermore, attendees are provided with a unique networking avenue, enabling them to forge connections with peers, 
 mentors, and industry professionals, thereby fostering a vibrant community dedicated to advancing the frontiers of bioeconomic research and innovation.


Gabriela Solidario de Souza Benatti

Gabriela Solidario de Souza Benatti pursued a master’s degree in Economic Development at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), in Brazil. She continued her research in Economic Development at Unicamp as a PhD student. While in her first year of the doctoral program, Gabriela connected with the Dutch-Brazilian collaboration through the Unicamp-Be Basic partnership, being included in the project that gave rise to her thesis: Inclusive Biobased Value Chains. She was approved for a Dual-Degree program with the Technology University of Delft (TU Delft), in the Netherlands, and had one year of experience working in the Department of Biotechnology and Society, in the Applied Sciences Faculty. The thesis defense ceremony is scheduled for April 2024, at TU Delft. Committed to her life mission of driving sustainable development through research, policy analysis, and projects, Gabriela is working as a researcher at a Brazilian research institute that aims to bridge the gap between policy and evidence.


Pablo Mac Clay

Pablo Mac Clay is an economist with research experience in the Argentine agribusiness sector. His academic background includes a master’s degree in Agribusiness and a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He is now a doctoral candidate at the University of Bonn (Faculty of Agriculture). He is part of the project “Transformation and Sustainability Governance in South American Bioeconomies” (sabio-project.org), and he is also a researcher at the Center for Food and Agribusiness (Universidad Austral, Argentina). His main research interests are agri-food value chains, innovation in agri-food systems, and business models for sustainability.


Arone Lira

20 years work experience at a financial institution in Brazil, latest job as Agribusiness Network Manager. Graduation in Mechanical Engineering, MBA in Project Management and postgraduate degree in Territorial Management.

The presentation is about the research topic of her master’s degree, currently being finalized, in Environmental Economics and Management at the University of Porto. Currently, will be presented, from a financial perspective, the impact analysis of the new Brazilian environmental legislation, which adjusts standards relating to social, environmental and climatic impediments to the granting of rural credit.

Julieta Lottersberger

My name is Julieta Lottersberger, and I am a graduate in Biotechnology from the National University of Litoral (UNL) in Argentina. Currently, I am part of the UNLBio Program at the Secretariat of Technological Linkage and Innovation of UNL. Additionally, I serve as a legislative advisor to a councilor in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina. I also dedicate part of my time to Infira SA, where I lead a project focused on responsible science and anticipatory governance.

 I work in various fields and organizations, focusing on applying my expertise in areas such as biotechnology, bioeconomy, environmentalism, entrepreneurship, and project management, among other relevant topics. In all cases, my main objective is to promote concrete actions in these areas and to implement projects that significantly contribute to the development of the city of Santa Fe, with a particular emphasis on promoting bioeconomy.

Listia Rini

Listia Rini

Listia Rini is a doctoral researcher at the Department of Agricultural Economics of Ghent University, Belgium. She received her master’s degree in Food Innovation and Health from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her current research revolves around food consumer science, plant-based foods, and social media.

Margo Degieter

Margo Degieter

Margo Degieter is a doctoral researcher at the Department of Agricultural Economics of Ghent University, Belgium, since 2020. She holds a master’s degree in Biochemical Engineering Technology and Complementary Studies in Economics. Her current research focuses on sustainability and stakeholder perceptions of plant-based foods and protein-rich crops.

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