ICABR Conference 2024 - Call for Abstract Submissions

I. Selected papers
The 2024 ICABR conference is seeking abstracts for papers that address how economic sustainability benefits from innovations enhance productivity. Abstracts addressing the key themes highlighted are invited for submission.
  • Abstracts should be up to 400 words in length and be structured. They must include the following headings:
    • Context – describe the relevance of the subject matter and how it relates to the call for abstracts.
    • Objectives – describe the objective or research focus of the paper.
    • Methods – describe the method(s) utilized in the paper.
    • Results – summarize the key results of the research.
    • Implications – describe why are the findings important.
II. Impact Assessment Case Studies
The adoption of innovations, such as genetically modified crops, gene-edited crops, artificial intelligence, autonomous technologies such as sensors and drones and others, have all impacted adopters, markets and societies. Case studies should assess a discrete technology, within a defined setting, providing for a robust assessment of the resulting impacts. Case study submissions should clearly outline what is being assessed, what the control is, the time frame and data collection method.
III. Panel Proposals and Organized Sessions

Submissions need to identify the focus and objective of the panel or the session, as well as the panelists/speakers. Abstracts of up to 400 words should be submitted. For organized sessions abstracts for the papers to be presented need to be submitted as well.

Presentation Formats
Lightning round presentations will be a key part of the 2024 conference, with many presentations given in this format. All graduate student presentations will be presented in this format and others may be as well. Presenters will be given 5 minutes to present their paper, which will be followed by a lunch hour poster session where presenters are expected to be available to discuss their posters.
Submissions will also be invited for oral presentations of 15-20 minutes in length. Presenters will only be allowed to make one presentation.

Colleagues are encouraged to submit abstracts of 200 words, for posters, papers or proposals for organized sessions (3-4 presenters) by logging into or creating an account on ConfTool.

Poster Formats

Poster sessions will form an integrated part of the 2024 Conference Program to allow as many attendees as possible to participate in the formal symposium program.

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