1. Introduction – Regulation of Biotechnology in light of COVID-19, David Zilberman, UC Berkeley (10 Mins).


  1. The potential of CRISPR in livestock, Alison Van Eenennaam, Professor of UC Davis (20 mins)


  1. The economic implications of banning CRISPR in livestock, Felipe Silva, Professor of Clemson University 10 mins


Time for questions of the first 3 speakers   (10 minutes) 


  1. Where we are with Golden Rice, Adrian Dubock, Golden Rice Humanitarian Board Member, (7 mins)


  1. The lessons from BT eggplant in Bangladesh, Ahsanuzzaman, University of Delaware (7 mins)


  1. On the approval of GM varieties in India, Ram Kaundinya, Senior Executive in the seed sector of India (7 mins)


  1. On the state of GM maize seeds in China, William Deng, Senior Executive in the seed sector of China (7 mins)


  1. Where is biotech going in Latin AmericaMartin Lema, Argentina (7 minutes)


Discussion (15 minutes)

Powerpoints of the presentations

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