ICABR Conference 2023 - Call for Submissions

The 2023 ICABR Conference (which will be organized together with IICA in Buenos Aires, Argentina) invites submission of abstracts for research papers, participant panels, posters and symposia that address aspects of and/or factors that affect institutional change as it relates to recent bioeconomy transformations.
I. Institutional Transitions to Improve Sustainability
  • Creating new governance and business models and practices
  • Improving government institutions that provide investments and policies for sustainable bioeconomy value chains
  • Changing scope and impact of international agreements and international organizations
  • Strengthening public-private partnerships
II. Quantification of Improved Sustainability of Value Chains
  • Improving methods for quantitative evaluation
  • Assessing impacts from digitalization of the bioeconomy
  • Making supply chain more sustainable
III. The Role of Policies and Regulations
  • Measuring the impacts of government incentives for sustainability
  • Effects of regulatory burden and government policies
  • Impacts of international agreements on domestic innovations
  • Effectiveness of international climate commitments
IV. The Role for Innovation
  • Increasing opportunities for sustainability-focused public-private partnerships
  • Improving communications to inform and sensitize consumers
  • Generating political support for innovation in bioeconomy
  • Exploring nature-based solutions
  • Capacity building for the generation and use of innovations for the bioeconomy

Colleagues are encouraged to submit abstracts of 200 words, for posters, papers or proposals for organized sessions (3-4 presenters) by logging into or creating an account on ConfTool.

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