Program 19-21 October

Monday, October 19

Moderator: Pasquale Scandizzo

Agricultural Technologies

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  1. Assessing the Impact of Selected Agricultural Innovations on Income Distribution in Ghana: Does Gender Matter? – Monica Addison – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  2. The Status of Innovations, Policies and Regulations in the Root and Tuber Crops Value Chains in Malawi: The Case of Cassava – Joseph Samuel Kanyamuka – Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  3. Forest Extraction Decisions and their Determinants in Western Kenya – Purity Chebet Yego
  4. Land Policy And Food Market Prices: Evidence From Land Consolidation Program In Rwanda – Aimable Nsabimana – University Of Rwanda
  5. Growth Performance Evaluation Of Four Wild Strains And One Current Farmed Strain Of Nile Tilapia In Uganda – Micheal James Kasozi – Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
  6. Coping With Long-term Weather Variability Shocks: Rural Institutions or Portfolio Diversification? Evidence from Rural Togo – Alirah Emmanuel Weyori – Leibniz University Hannover

Moderator: Carl Pray

Panel: Has Chinese Agriculture Transitioned to an Innovation-Based Agriculture? R&D, Technology & Innovation, and Productivity & Growth

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 Organizer: Carl Pray, Yanhong Jin & Haiyan Deng


Carl Pray, Rutgers University – Overview of R&D Investment and Innovation In China’s Agriculture?

Haiyan Deng, Beijing Institute of Technology University and Yanhong Jin, Rutgers University – How Did Public and Private Agricultural Research and Innovation Impact Agricultural Productivity and Growth In China?

Changxin Yu – Beijing Institute of Technology University and Haiyan Deng, Rutgers University – R&D, Innovation and Productivity: Evidence From the Chinese Pesticide and Fertilizer Industry

Zhou Ting and Haiyan Deng – Beijing Institute of Technology University – Innovation in the Food Industry: Do they contribute to agricultural growth?

Yanhong Jin. Rutgers University . Innovation in the Agricultural Machinery Industry

Xiaoming Bao – Biotech Center, Dabeinong Technology Group Co.  International Competitiveness of Chinese Agricultural Technology: The example of Dabeinong’s genetically engineered traits in Argentina

Discussion starter:

Keith Fuglie. Research Economist, Resource & Rural Economics Division, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Moderator: David Zilberman

Agriculture and Climate Change

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  1. Which Climate Change Mitigation Policy-mix to Argentina? A General Computable Equilibrium Approach – Martín Jacquet – Instituto Interdisciplinario de Economía Política (UBA-CONICET)
  2. Susceptibility And Technical Capability Of Grapevine Farmers To Cope With Changing Climate Patterns in Latin America – Félix Sebastián Riera – Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (FCA- UNCuyo)
  3. Evaluación De La Producción De Aceite Del Cultivo Algodón.- Jorge Gabriel Paz – INTA
  4. Can Central America follow Honduras’s Case-by-Case Approach to NPBTs? – Pablo Ivan Orozco Lopez – Cornell University
  5. Willingness to Pay and Economic Value of HB4 Soybeans in Argentina – Claudio Dunan
  6. Prioritizing policy responses to the declining nutritional quality of crops associated with increasing  concentrations of CO2 – Leigh Anderson – University of Washington

Tuesday, October 20

Moderator: Sara Savastano

Innovation in India and Africa

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  1. Venture capital, Startups and Performance of Private Firms – Chandra Sekhara Rao – Nuthalapati Institute of Economic Growth
  2. Awareness of and Potential Demand for Bio-fortified Cassava Products in Nigeria – Waheed Mobolaji – Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria
  3. Determinants of Adoption of Improved Bread Wheat Technologies in East Amhara Region, Ethiopia – Almaz Giziew Adugna – Bahir Dar University
  4. Economic Impact of Climate Change on Cocoa and Oil Palm Farming in Nigeria From 1970 – 2015 – Israel Ajibade Adedeji – Federal University, Gashua
  5. Bioeconomy for Sustainable Development: Pheromones for Insect Pest Control in Agriculture – Thomas Aneni – Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research
  6. Comparative analysis of the profitability of valaue addition to cassava in Ondo State, Nigeria – Tolulope Akinbobola – Federal University of Technology Akure

Moderator: Travis Reynolds

Innovation in Agricultural Products

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  1. GM Bananas and VAD in Uganda – Enoch Kikulwe – Alliance of Bioversity International & CIAT
  2. Sustainable Pest Management Under Uncertainty: A Dynamic Bioeconomic Analysis of Lowbush Blueberry Production – D. Adeline Yeh – Cornell University
  3. Bioeconomy Visions and Sustainability Challenges in Colombia – Nella Canales – Stockholm Environment Institute
  4. An importance of Conservation and Development of Aquacultures in Bio and Circular Economy – Kakha Nadiradze – Association for Farmers Rights Defense
  5. Intrahousehold Preference Heterogeneity and Demand for Labor-Saving Agricultural Technology: The Case of Mechanical Rice Transplanting in India – Kajal Gulati – Impaq International LLC

Moderator: Stuart Smyth

Innovation in Latin and South America

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  1. Digitalización y Servicios Intensivos en Conocimientos en RRNN Renovables: El Sector Agtech en la Argentina – Jeremias Lachman – University of Buenos Aires
  2. Characterization of the Sugarcane Expansion and Validating the Stakeholders’ Perceptions of its Socio-economic and Environmental impacts – José Maria F.J. Da Silveira – University of Campinas
  3. Genetically Modified Maize Impact in Honduras: Smallholder Producer Knowledge and Perceptions – Diego Macall – University of Saskatchewan
  4. The Effect Of Monetary Policy On Real Commodities Prices Produced In Brazil – Aline Caroline Rodrigues – Leonardo Bornacki de Mattos Federal University Viçosa
  5. Genome Editing of the Staple Crop Cassava to Eliminate Toxic Cyanogen Production – Michael Alberto Gomez – UC Berkeley

Wednesday, October 21

Moderator: Pasquale Scandizzo


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  1. Mapping Flooding Prones Areas Using Ahp-Fuzzy Method And Geospatial Analysis: Case Study Of Grand-Bassam City – Jean Homian Danumah – University of Abidjan
  2. Farmers’ Preferred Tree Species And Their Potential Carbon Stocks In Southern Burkina Faso: Implications For Biocarbon Initiatives – Kangbeni Dimobe – University of Dédougou, Institut of Environmental Sciences and Rural Development
  3. Optimizing Nigeria’s Current Agricultural Biotechnology Revolution And Scaling Such Impact Across Africa – Chibuike Emmanuel – Cornell Alliance for Science
  4. Green Lacewing Predator (Chrysoperla sp) In The Management Of Cotton Pests In Intercropping System – Srinivasan Rajagopal Thoppe – University of Rwanda
  5. Biofuel in Waste Management: Designing an Integrated Resource Recovery Center For Municipal Waste – Ngongand Danube Kirt – UN Habitat, Kenya
  6. African Orphan Crops Production: How Viable Economically? – F. M. Oloyede – Osun State University, Nigeria

Moderator: Justus Wesseler

Panel: Disease Pressure, Breeding Innovations and Challenges to Bring Resistant Bananas to European Markets

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Organizer: Isabelle Schluep


Miguel Dita – Senior Scientist, Plant Health for Sustainable Banana Production, The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Cali, Colombia

Leena Tripathi – Principal Scientist and Deputy Director, East Africa Hub, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nairobi, Kenya

Philipp Aerni – Director, Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability CCRS at the University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Moderator: Jose Maria da Silveira

South America Bioeconomy

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  2. Looking for a Double Dividend of a Carbon Tax in Argentina: an input- output evaluation – Paula Micaela Achenbach – Facultad de Ciencias Económicas – Universidad de Buenos Aires
  3. Relevance of Clusterization for Productive Regional Development using Bioeconomy Tools – Tamara Lía Jachesky – Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora